Luang Pracha Burana Temple

Luangpracha Burana Temple locates at Nakonpathom province which takes two hours’ drive from Bangkok. There are ancient pieces of evidence founded in the temples proven the temple was built in the Dvaravati era. In ancient times, the temple was valued to the community not only a sacred settlement for mind reliability but also acted as a community center, a school, a playground, a festival activities space, and a meeting place for everyone.

In the present, the temples in Thailand have become less valued than before. The temple remains its position as a sacred place but the purpose of visiting has changed in the present, for examples, people come to the temple in the time of travel, a family’s duty activity, a parking space, a place for arranging funeral, a place of homeless, and space for the elderly.

However, the abbot intends to maintain the peaceful environment, cleanliness and multipurpose space of the temple for annual Buddhist activities but they are facing with lack of ability to take care and maintain all space in the temple because of few amounts of monks.

In 2017, the project owner who settled her business nearby the temple aims to engage in construction redevelopment of the abandoned pavilion and to refurbish the landscape. She volunteered to initiate the redevelopment project with creative activities to revive the temple as a community center again.

The project owner in collaboration with the abbot, the monks, a landscape designer, historical expert, the community, the temple board of administration, and contemporary Buddhism knowledge consultant attempt to set the vision for redevelopment. The meeting and workshop run several times to finalize the objective for the temple self-sustainable with community engagement.

Besides to develop the pavilion and landscape for the revival of the ancient aged temple, the project proposes weekly, monthly, and annual activity plans for mind practice activities, knowledge promotion activities, space maintenance, and skill development that beneficial to the communities and schools nearby.

Since the construction finished in September 2018, the temple with the partnership of communities run the interesting activities for monks and community rotation type such as the blood donation, open outdoor dhamma lecture, dhamma course for kids, a library for the community, and more combination of mind and knowledge development activities. In 2019, the temple is selected as a role temple of the province and become a place of community leisure space in the free time.
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