Shma Soen X Bangkok Design Week 2019

Shma Soen plays a role on pushing forward “Charoenkrung” to fully be a Creative District for Bangkok. At Bangkok Design Week 2019, we participated as an exhibitor who supported TCDC (Thailand Creative and Design Center) and CEA (Creative Economy Agency) on presenting the exhibition of “From District to City, From Me to We”, spreading the achievement of Charoenkrung to the public. Pilot projects by us called Streetscape – Creative Walkway were also be launched to support the Creative district in this Design Week.


Approaching “Creative District”

“From District to City, From Me to We” tells about the strategies in physical and non-physical ways to achieve Creative District. Charoenkrung, is driven up by many events and projects since 2010 in the area such as The Bangkok Art Biennale, TEDxCharoenkrung, Bangkok Design Week and film screening events as an experimental process to attract creative people to participate and exchange ideas and knowledge in this public environment to strengthen the creative economic chain. At the end, with a collaboration of Shma, Shma Soen and Thammasart Design school , the masterplan is proposed to stimulate the creative economy and ecology that’s currently happening by 3E strategies;

  1. Enhance district accessibility through social and environmental network : by improving connection facilities such as walkways, bicycles routes, neighborhood alleys, main roads, and mass transit stations
  2. Engage stakeholders in the co-creation and the development of public spaces through variety of activities specific to potential of each site and stakeholders: by developing unused area or buildings and introduce new programs to them
  3. Enrich district perception through urban revitalization : by developing focus areas of the district and introduce attraction spots to the area

8 focus areas are drawn and presented briefly in the masterplan with 4 blow up images of the future possibilities that the district can physically transform into.

L047-CD-Block Plate 95-160-02

L047-CD-Block Plate 95-160-03

As a result, in short term, the masterplan will support the development of infrastructure standards in the district , while in long term, is expected for the collaborations of stakeholders to support the space for creative business incubation in the district. The success of Charoenkrung will eventually push Bangkok city forward into a Creative City which has a potential to solve social and economic equity in the future.

Creative Walkway

“Streetscape” is the project developed by Pheereeya  Boonchaipruek Ph.D. and architect named Cloud-floor which the study outcomes had been expanded to be 5 challenges in public space development prototype with 5 designers in charged;

  1. Shma Soen – Street elements
  2. Cloud-floor – Street crossing
  3. Studio Dialogue – Street activities
  4. P.Library Design Studio – Wayfinding
  5. Jelly Fish Mission – Safety environment

In Shma Soen’s frame of work ,we improved the pedestrian landscape in front of the Grand Postal Office that has the total length of 85 meters, with shrub grown along the walkway to be flourishing with greenery. Red light strip is used as a tool to define space and create street furniture including seats, trash cans, bench for writing letters, vehicles drop-off and Charoenkrung district signage. This signage is marked properly to enhance the identity of the district , convenience of walking,friendliness and interaction between variety of users.

W006-Creative walkway-190202-4-3



Article and Photos by; Raviporn Boonyasai and Molpasorn Shoowong