Edible Garden

City’s Urban Farming – Thai health promotion office Roof Garden, Bangkok, Thailand

City’s urban farming, is located on terrace floor of the government’s health promotion department office, was refurbished for promote a concept “do it yourself at home” roof garden and vertical garden. This redevelopment supports corporate policy that plan to promote health and healthy food to people in country by encouraging consumers to grow their own vegetables for consumption.

The city’s edible garden was a uniting of trellis pavilion and farm. The trellis pavilion contains multi-function uses including an exhibition, planting workshop room, mushroom cultivation show case and recreation area which could grow edible vines and climber plants as vertical garden model. Another part is farm at open space in the middle of the trellis install a movable planter in various height and size that suits human scale in all ages and disability as well.

Those edible plants and its fruits will be harvested to cook and serve daily at office’s canteen. Sometimes, they produce enough for sell freshly with inexpensive price. The experience that users have obtained from this productive garden could easily apply with any roof top or terrace in the city not only for houses but also schools, workplaces, government buildings ,public buildings or else.

Project Information 

Location :  RamaIV, Bangkok, Thailand

Area : 390 SQ.m.

Year of Completion : 2016

In collaboration with

Client / Owner : ThaiHealth , Thai Health Promotion Foundation

Landscape Architect / Lighting Designer : Shma Soen Company Limited

Contractor : Red Deer Company Limited

Graphic Designer : Meanmoremind Company Limited

Photographer : Tanee Sawasdee / Shma Soen Company Limited

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